Tales of my Nomad Life ~ Pictures & Words

You will laugh, you may cringe, and perhaps you will wonder if parts of my journey might not also be yours. It's such a joy for me to share these travel tales with you, living them in the moment and capturing the magic through stories and photos.  You will surely experience awe and wonder as I do at the majesty of nature that is at our doorstep, on the road and in so many of the beautiful campgrounds that I get to call home for a short while. 


At times, I find myself in a mess of trouble, often way over my head. But what I've discovered along the way, it that every problem has a solution that can be figured out.  The silver lining is that behind each unexpected issue, is a ton of learning with mastery thrown in over time, for good measure. Best of all is the genuine kindness of people there to help. And finally humor is a great antidote to meeting the unexpected. 


I chuckle as I hear time and time again: You are so brave! " 


Aren't you scared, they ask, to travel like this all by yourself?" Not really, I say. Other times, I beam with pride when I see the admiration in their eyes at me having successfully backed up my trailer into a very tight spot. Especially when it's one of those rugged guys who seems to have mastered the task far better than I.  Yes, I've learned a lot about trailering and traveling, and a lot about myself. When we care deeply about something, there is no age to learn and adapt. That creative resilient side of us, that is often dormant, is sitting at the surface waiting to show up. 


One of the most delightful surprises of my nomad life are those last minute opportunities that pop up where I get to reconnect with old friends along my travels. Often I may park my home at their home for an hour, a day or two. Other times, I host them in my humble abode. 


Yes I'll admit, this solo journey can get lonely at times but not for long as I imagine so many of you traveling with me ~ virtually or face-to-face. 

So hop on, and let's enjoy the ride!