Life at Work ~ Vibrant & Engaged

We are at a wonderful crossroads when it comes to the Future of Work. So much change on the horizon. It's invigorating and exciting ~ unsettling too.


What we're realizing is that work is no longer about following the beaten path. It's about having the courage to take the road less traveled, alone and with others. Big steps or small steps ~ by choosing to be  in the driver's seat of our life and letting others do the same. 


The days of getting the right education or degree in exchange for job security, paying our dues to climb the corporate ladder or waiting our turn to be engaged in meaningful and truly productive work are gone. People expect more, much more.  Right now.  


We've got to take the World of Work into our own hands. Invent it and create it together. Transform it and love it! 


A good place to start is to go back to basics, to seek simplicity as a way to manage the increasing complexity that surrounds us. By letting go control, inviting and including more and then focusing on what matters most, unbelievable things happen ~ at a pace and rate that will totally surprise you. My uprooted trailer life is a case example of how we can meet the future head-on.


Learning new ways of approaching work means unlearning a lot of what we've been doing. Letting go of stuff to make room for creativity, brimming enthusiasm and engagement, hope, optimism and gratitude. 


Open Space Technology is a wonderful way to experience these new ways of living and working which are really more about remembering the old ways of doing things when we didn't let life get so complicated and distracting.  Figuring out what we and each of us do best and then putting that together to enjoy life.